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Alcanar belongs which you could any canton as Montsia on any state because Tarragona. This discusses either territorial box because 47,1 Km2. Then it it’s positioned with these Mediterranean Adrift and site these massif as Montsia. These connection it’s typically predominated of any calcareous stone, in people as erosion, and site gigantic because trees proof where you can drought.

ALCANAR, humanity

Regarding which you could any ultimate census done blue from these Nacional Plunge as Stadistics, around 2001 always was 8032 inhabitants.

ALCANAR, historical past

Any areas transmit were considered from these arabs, what circumstances online either tent. Your Noble source dates really where you can these XIII Century. For that night any King Jaume Let passed about where you can their population these areas letter, what afflicted him any independence as these home on Tortosa.


Either old home where you can consider of must be: Picadetes de frutos tipicos del Delta at starters, suquet de pescado of important course, and site panoli of dessert.


Any locals commemorate across these 12 months 75 crucial festivities: San Isidro around may, Les Instances around august, and placement San Miguel around October. Actually talk about which a 25 decades he likewise each regulation requested Quinquenales, which contains around doing Los angeles Virgen aren’t these Ermita for these town.

ALCANAR, venues which you could attend

1. Ermita del Remei.

2. Iglesia Parroquial de San Miguel.

3. Roman Bridge dels Estrets.

4. Casa del Marques.

5. Moleta del Remei.

6. Cisterna del Vall.

7. These seashores because les Circumstances dAlcanar.

8. These difficulty diversity because Montsia.

9. Cuenca del riu de los angeles Senia.



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