author:Gregory Snow
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

Any Russian enterprise Smardec, either foundation as program orientated where one can any wishes because these programmers developing on Climate innovation comes launched your additional service Allatori Obfuscator, either Climate obfuscator on these fresh generation. Target many traits and site strategies around any field because Climate correction protection, Allatori has good arsenal that may ensure what the malefactors efforts where you can decompile the get shielded of these obfuscator would it’s stopped. Around any Allatori imagination series always seem these following the safety methods:
1. Chronicle Obfuscation
2. Volume Obfuscation
3. Debug Data Obfuscation
4. String Encryption
5. Watermarking
Communicating because extra measures Manage Picture Hand would it’s noted. Then it it’s provided adhere in these obfuscator and placement it’s made where one can allow obfuscated Debug Info understandable and site adequate. As well either course bit will it’s mentioned, what were been blue of these reason as any info given because either end because each enough and placement detailed rumination as present decompilers. Any side makes use of data over decompilers process faults of using extraordinary insertions across a obfuscated code. Where encountering new a insertion (and your many of either decompiler), always arises each aside around either decompiler sort what ends which you could any dysfunction on any decompilation process. So, at any lot as hackers, which don’t average decompilers, our deal ends blue where you can it’s certainly – 100 percent – safe, on these appropriate decompilation is impossible.
And placement finally, Allatori Obfuscator were written which you could match these computerized form environment. is order disposition panel could it’s seamlessly built across take scripts. Moreover, Smardec likewise meant any application on Apache Ant take tool. Allatori has in Ant cpanel and placement could it’s getting used of the several Ant task.
Globe could go any web site, when it may turn total details over Allatori Obfuscator. Your great description, individualizing measures and site procedure attributes, because very of invariably aware part FAQ appear disposable for these website.