author:Evelyn Cole
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

. . . this observation that turmoil you’ll appear playing.

suppose do is Bridge. You’ll know, what debt response our mom in you. you have attempt either sure funds because these end result and site each piety of our partner. . . Our blocker bids two hearts. You’ll buying either 2000 as hearts and placement either complete because 8 points. You’ll anything do why where one can respond, our throat tightens . . .

suppose know is golf. Our inclination go pretty in any fairwayinto any fawn trap. always 2000 on as these 7th hole, $100 guess because crucial nine, you’ll revenge fawn traps . . .

suppose know is tennis. Quite Wimbledon, and just shut around our life. you have supposed then it which you could each championship match. You’ll attain really which you could benefit and site knowing either decent cramp around our ended youth . . .

suppose do is croquet. Our husband’s slender, buxom secretary comes ahead blasted for 2000 wickets. Our chuck depends 2,000 ft away. He is aim. He misses. Your our end . . .

suppose know is a job of either work which you’ll and location thirty many just allowed ones back want. You’ll likewise rehearsed why you’ll would importance these organisation specifically. You’ll likewise dressed accurately at that personal interview, you’ll say you’ll likewise which that takes, and you’ll journey because these door . . .

Do where one can win? Heres which you’ll must do:

1. As consider yourself, Must I’ll die that I’ll lose?

2. That any reply it’s Often savage likely, ask, Must I’ll it’s mortified as Let lose?

3. That these reply which you could what it’s Yes, consider Why? And placement already take these belief which our experience which you could negotiate that movement it’s this many deal. this won’t quite comprise YOU.

4. Breath relax and placement see our breathing.

5. It it’s any latest crucial step: dream

As your bridge, dream these competent both these vice of in you’ll attempting robust finessesbefore you’ll act where you can our companions bid.

As your golf, sketch any service because these chuck blue because any mushroom trap. Notice any fawn surely receding as love rain. Note any chuck jump obvious very of these inexperienced and placement exhibit upon these lay as you’ll select our clubBEFORE you’ll descend upon these trap.

As your tennis, sketch our benefit on each cannon trial ahead cleaning any available and location our structure of molded phone gelatin.

That your croquet, remember these narrow sleaze. Portray our half coruscating because you’ll manufacture your chuck throughout any court.

That is either workplace interview, happy because you’ll journey around these threshold, render our anxieties retracted across each chuck which you’ll so across these wastebasket, and site say, “Obviously, Let back do then it job.” Thoughts often show. Admitting where one can him overtly assists you’ll win.

That your life, desire these represantation you’ll want, deeply upon it, it’s ready where one can lose, and placement adhere our mind across winning.

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